Our Seed Varieties

Herle Seed Farm is a Saskatchewan seed grower producing a variety of certified seed for both retail outlets and wholesale suppliers. We focus on growing high-quality certified seeds which are true to type. The seeds we grow are predictable in terms of seed size, sprouting, seed vigour, yield, quality, cleanliness, appearance, and uniformity. Our high-yield seeds are disease resistant and will provide consistency in planting, crop performance, and maturity.

We grow a variety of wheat, peas, lentils and canaryseed.


CDC Landmark VB CWRS
It’s not just a top yielder, it’s the whole package...
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AAC Paramount
Soft white midge tolerant spring wheat with high grain protein and excellent milling quality...
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AC Andrew
Soft white spring wheat selected for very high yield and short, strong straw...
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AAC Viewfield CWRS
AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS and stands poker straight...
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AC Transcend
Easy to thresh with consistent quality...
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Alloy Durum
CDC Alloy brings high yield (106-110% of Strongfield)...
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Yellow Peas

Abarth Peas
Abarth brings new yellow pea genetics to growers...
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CDC Spectrum
CDC Spectrum is a yellow cotyledon...
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AAC Carver
Suited to all pea-growing...
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CDC Cibo
The first yellow‐groated canaryseed...
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CDC Impulse CL
CDC Impulse is a small red lentil...
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