Our Seed Varieties

Herle Seed Farm is a Saskatchewan seed grower producing a variety of certified seed for both retail outlets and wholesale suppliers. We focus on growing high-quality certified seeds which are true to type. The seeds we grow are predictable in terms of seed size, sprouting, seed vigour, yield, quality, cleanliness, appearance, and uniformity. Our high-yield seeds are disease resistant and will provide consistency in planting, crop performance, and maturity.

We grow a variety of wheat, peas, lentils and canaryseed.


AC Andrew
Soft white spring wheat selected for very high yield and short, strong straw...
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AAC Wheatland VB
AAC Wheatland VB is a semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and excellent straw strength
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AAC Russell VB
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CDC Defy Durum
A conventional Canada Western Amber Durum with excellent grain yield potential, very good lodging tolerance and best in class FHB
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AAC Hockley
Consistently high yields, Industry-leading standability, Short semi-dwarf, Good protein, Unsurpassed disease package
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Wheat midge and wheat stem sawfly tolerance, Top-in-class stem solidness rating, Higher yielding, 11%* of the check, Early maturing, High
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Highest yielding CWRS registered; 116%* of Carberry, Top-in-class standability, Excellent disease package, Wheat midge tolerant
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CDC Alloy Durum
CDC Alloy brings high yield (106-110% of Strongfield)...
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Yellow Peas

The highest yielding pea in the black soil zone for customers...
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Abarth Peas
Abarth peas are early maturing and have a short structure that results in top-of-class standability...
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CDC Simmie
This is a high-yielding small red Clearfield® lentil...
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CDC Lumio
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CDC Cibo
The first yellow‐groated canaryseed...
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