About Us

wheelbarrow About Herle Seed Farm Ltd.


We are a family run Saskatchewan seed farm dedicated to sustainable farming practices and growing certified seed for wholesalers and retailers. Our family farm consists of a father and son joint farming venture. We have focused since 1982 on Pedigree Seed Production as certified seed growers for retail and wholesale. Since 1993 we have added Select Plot Production of pulse crops, and cereals.

Our family has carried on the tradition of seed farming for many generations. This Canadian family farm was started in 1942 and has benefitted from four generations of farming experience at Wilkie, Saskatchewan.


rosette Acquired Awards

We have won many awards for seed quality and seed cleaning at various Seed Shows. Awards for Certified Seed samples are judged based on seed size, seed vigour, quality, cleanliness, appearance, and uniformity.

  • Seager Wheeler Seed Show
  • Lloydminster Seed Show
  • Agribition Seed Show